viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017

Angry pedestrian gets instant karma

There are some people who are always angry. And that´s why they are receiving more and more bad things from the external world. Enjoy life and relax, or keep suffering as this poor guy.

miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Rodrigo Bueno: El mensaje de su hijo

El "Potro" Rodrigo Bueno que falleció el 24 de junio del 2000 en un accidente automovilístico cumpliría hoy 44 años.

Su hijo Ramiro le dedicó un emotivo mensaje en redes sociales. 

El mensaje dice: "Feliz cumpleaños a mi papá, junto con mi vieja lo más grande, mi referente. Aquel que me cuida desde lo más alto, daría lo que fuera por un abrazo tuyo en este momento.. pasan los años y vas a estar más presente que nunca en mi vida..! Gracias por ser mi papá, gracias por acompañarme y sobre todo gracias por cuidarme desde arriba, te amo viejo..! ❤️❤️❤️"

Aquí lo posteado en Instagram 

domingo, 21 de mayo de 2017

Green groups campaign against the use of plastic straws

They report that plastic straws are used only for a few minutes and can take 150 years to decompose. The plastic manufacturers defend them.

While plastic straws were created to reduce the spread of diseases in warehouses where products are stored, or to help people with physical disabilities, they became the target of various environmental movements in countries such as the United States , Australia, England and Spain.

Strong campaigns have already been launched in social networks to reduce or even ban their use, and they report that with only a few minutes of use, it can take 150 years to decompose and generate an irreparable effect on the oceans and their fauna.

In Argentina, environmental organizations also begin to denounce the ecological consequences of sherbet. The Surfrider Foundation campaigns to reduce the plastic footprint on the beaches of Mar del Plata and warns that along with the plastic straws, the shores are usually invaded by disposable bottles and bottles.

Gustavo Huici, its executive director, says: The biggest danger is that animals confuse sherbet with food, or they get hooked and eventually die. For Huici, the solution is not to prohibit the use of straw, but to replace its material. We propose to make them with waxed board because plastic has really negative effects, he says.

According to data from Greenpeace Argentina, there are currently 12.7 million tons of plastic that end in the oceans each year, and estimate that by 2020 will be used 900% more plastic than in 1980

Maria Ana Ventura, sustainability specialist, warns: The specific problem of sherbets is that, because of their light and small dimensions, very few end up going to recycling.

In the City of Buenos Aires, the discussion on the rational use of plastic appeared strongly when, as of January 1 of this year, Resolution 341/16 of the Environmental Protection Agency came into force, which prohibited the delivery Of light plastic bags in supermarkets, hypermarkets and self-consumptions. It was a measure questioned by the plastic industry and, at first, by a part of the consumers, but it became the kick-off to open the debate on how to reduce the consumption of plastic.

Although in Argentina, measures have not yet been taken with sorbets, sources from the Ministry of Environment and Public Space of Buenos Aires said they are working to reduce the use of plastics and, as with the bags, will continue to promote this Type of policies with different recyclable materials.

More information: Diario Perfil 

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

How to write at sign (@) on different types of computers?

In Latin America in most computers only we need to put Ctrl + Alt and then pressed the number key 2, or Alt + 64 to 64 we key on the keypad (only numeric keypad).

For computers in other countries, we press the Ctrl + Alt + Q keys if not catch so we have to try Ctrl + Alt Gr + Q (the other alt located on the right side of the other,

If netbook press the two previous options or Shift + 2 but only nothing more.

In nothing to remove the N Hp netbook you type the (normal Alt or AltGr + n) keys or compaq US the key is next to the L nothing else ñ so no this work.

If you have a tip to add, please leave it in the comments of this article.

Hur man skriver snabel-a (@) på olika datorer?

I Latinamerika i de flesta datorer bara vi måste sätta Ctrl + Alt och sedan tryckt på sifferknapp 2, eller Alt + 64-64 vi på knappsatsen (endast numeriska tangentbordet).

För datorer i andra länder, vi trycker på Ctrl + Alt + Q nycklar om inte fånga så vi måste försöka Ctrl + Alt Gr + Q (den andra alt ligger på höger sida av den andra,

Om netbook trycker de två tidigare alternativen eller Skift + 2 men bara ingenting mer.

I inget att avlägsna N Hp netbook skriver du (normal Alt eller AltGr + n) knapparna eller Compaq oss nyckeln ligger i anslutning till L ingenting annat ñ så ingen detta arbete.

Om du har ett tips för att lägga till, lämna det i kommentarerna i denna artikel.


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