jueves, 17 de mayo de 2007

American Idol Talent Pool Gets 'Even Shallower'

Hsve you heard the news? Melinda Doolittle was the latest cast-off of America's highest-rated singing competition, leaving the predictably quirky Blake and perpetually perky Jordin to duke it out in the finals. Meanwhile, the newspapers and blogs have all reacted to the news with modestly understated headlines.

Weak season gets weaker: ‘Idol’ boots Melinda (Boston Herald)
"American Idol" Voters Kick Most Experienced Singer Out (eitb24)
American Idol Disaster: Melinda Doolittle Voted Off Idol (National Ledger)
WTF???!!! Melinda Voted Off (

And while the wording, phrasing and intensity varies from one publication to the next, one hierarching theme is consistent throughout, namely Melissa's vocal superiority to the remaining contestants.

Or, as D-Listed puts it:

[Doolittle] was starting to get on my nerves, but I figured she would get her "oh shucks" ass into the finals. This leaves Blake "please don't beat box" Lewis and Jordin "Ugly Betty" Sparks."

Stay tuned for the big finale!

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