jueves, 17 de mayo de 2007

Melinda Doolittle off of American Idol

Oh my, this could provoke some conspiracy theories about how the show is somehow "rigged".

Perhaps one of the best singers to ever appear on the show, Melinda Doolittle, is now lost to the competition.

It occurred to me, as I got over the initial surprise, that AI is not so much a Singing competition as a popularity contest.

It isn't looking for the BEST singer, but the MOST POPULAR singer, AMERICA'S FAVOURITE singer.

After (or perhaps during) her AI tour dates, perhaps we'll be hearing something in the way of a CD from her.

Since she didn't win, she has less of an obligation with regards to the AI Machine, and can perhaps be more creatively and artistically free with he career.

She didn't win American Idol, but she won America, and the chance to be great.

That is worth far more, and to me is a bigger, better prize for her.

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