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Argentina: Racing Club thrashed Boca Juniors and won 4-1

Boca Juniors team finished the game with two players less and left several questions about its performance. The figure was Gustavo Bou, former River, who scored three goals.

Last night, shattered Racing Club and Boca Juniors won 4-1. It was in the debut of both teams in summer tournament in Mar del Plata, at the Estadio José María Minella.

Beyond that the party was unique in that Boca suffered two expulsions in the first half, the midfielder Cristian Erbes, 24 minutes, and side marker Leandro Marín, at 28, the defensive problems for the team Rodolfo Arruabarrena were serious and alarming from the beginning.

Boca prevailed by a goal from Jonathan Calleri, at 38 seconds, but the Argentine champion responded and held in the initial segment and two goals from Gustavo Bou and another captain and emblem Diego Milito.

In the second chapter the entrerriano Bou ratified his offensive power by scoring the fourth goal, at 26.
The auriazul team had very serious problems in the rear, especially because it lacked efficacy trial in central duo Claudio Bravo and Federico Pérez.

Logically, red cards aggravated the situation for xeneizes. After 24 minutes it started Patricio Loustau Erbes by intentionally putting an arm in the face Ricardo Centurion and, at 28, the judge sent him to the showers Marín because he committed an unspeakable offense from behind than ten academic.

For that very violent coup without supporting that applied the right side, Centurion was unable to continue on the pitch and replaced Marcos Acuña.

Beyond the original concern, fortunately for Centurion everything seems to have been a strong trauma, which will not bring consequences.

It was a match in which Boca surprising started with a play almost carambola, which Calleri took advantage after a side Cristian Marin Pavon who entered the area Racing.

With this 1-0 Boca was positioned on the ground of his opponent and took the lead. However, the Academy, just with frontal balls, easily winning the backs of improvised (in function) Bravo and slow Chiqui Pérez.
At 9 Bou warned first, forcing the stretched Agustin Orion to avoid the tie. And at 16, almost with a modeled move again after a ball played to cut back on the backs of Boca, Bou capitalized on and made the 1-1.

With that goal Boca ran out of ideas and Racing took the field. Centurion escaped from Marin, empowered Bou and Milito sought to make it 2-1.

Centurion reaffirmed his pike with Boca players and a clash with Erbes, the wheel xeneize put a slap in the face and the referee expelled.

Thereafter the meeting was denatured and Marin turned to look through ten racinguista and a violent intervention took him out of the game and earned the red card.

Boca nine and Racing with eleven ahead, let the classic out of any analysis and Racing managing the game to your liking to continue stretching the lead, which he did at 45, in an action in which they took advantage of the numerical superiority and Bou stamped the 3-1 first period ended after an error between Chiqui Perez and Orion.

In the second episode everything went quiet, as the winner Boca remained serene and above all gave priority to avoid greater evils.

Of course entered the former striker of Defense and Justice Brian Fernandez with all the excitement of the debut and generated a single maneuver, which concluded with an assist that led to the 4-1 Bou consummated.

Racing made it clear that the reigning champion of Argentine football is in a growth stage and Boca, in a situation of emergency.

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