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25 things that happen in Spain even though they are starting the second decade of the twenty-first century:

Culture Minister our country has led the great movie Mentiras y Gordas. - With what moral authority we laugh the governor of California?

From the sofa look at the social upheavals in other European countries to the social cuts that "recommend" to exit markets where they put us, here as much any question arises when the right to bottle or downloaded so on nose (the universal complaint in relation to the law Sinde, where illegal churro would be reduced to "nooo as mcierren seriesyonkis m dying!" and other gems with spell downward trend).

The two dominant parties are passed from time to time by the parliament to drop the last witty insult occurs to them to provide "the opposition" rather than sit and propose solutions from different points of view to build this country (with the electorate behind them-see above-this is not unusual).

Only one thing I have been, are and will always agree, and that is that, although not very democratic, election law is fine as is, given that 97% of Members (appointed by the system) agree (I love Captain Obvious).

"Constitutional reforms? With what it takes to win an election, to get courts to dissolve and call referendums. Better than the Magna Carta and virgin pure continues another 30 years when they have flying cars and everything just give us truth.

We anchored in the medieval monarchical model, still carrying the stigma of the nobility and continue with a privileged Catholic Church is hiding behind an inflated number of followers who actually brings it too loose to be baptized, but by making him follow their babies "because it is very nice" (see point 2 again).

If you are a naive dreamer of those who venture to try to remove myself of so much sect you find yourself lost in a sea of bureaucracy, not civil, but divine, and procedures can take years because the paperwork is in heaven and earth and pigeon Nobody wants to lose members when there are subsidies involved.

There is corruption and tax holes everywhere, so much so that, if listed on the national territory all the money that escapes tax havens, pensions could climb to 80%. (Estimated Arcadi Oliveres, from minute 7).

However, we face a drastic reduction of the welfare state why they want us to understand that it is necessary to delay the retirement age to maintain the pension system (see above ¿¿¿???) and also Of course, since life expectancy has increased and the population is aging - which you can not argue, certainly fight corruption detract much income parties who apparently need to win elections - Reflection: no would be sufficient to political mileage they would increase pensions and enclose a few sausages?

In contrast, the gentlemen who sit on the floor, not every day you should of course, to be 7 years old working in politics I have done.

Here we can see their colleagues working on 9 March last year.

Most people assume these and other outrages without offering much resistance (item 2) and on the eve of elections, is convinced that the only option is the "vote" (aptly named, indeed, if look at point 4), because otherwise "win bad." The truth is that evil always win and always lose all.
In all these respects, the people, again, referred to in paragraph 2, they know nothing. For your own sake, do not ask about the life of the Big Brother Kiko or Belén Esteban, boldly called "people's princess", because they could fill several pages of a book (with difficulties in spelling and punctuation, but to stop content).

If you are a tourist and you come to Spain with no idea of Spanish, you're lost. Die of starvation before anyone can tell you in English, the location of the nearest source.
When they finally meet someone, the first and probably only learn of Castilian be absurd phrases like "I ate tol'potorro." This food and grandmothers is the only thing cool that we have in our country.

If you're small, you are ahead at least 3 or 4 changes of curriculum before they get to college, and once there you'll catch at least one more. There will be changes aimed at improving the quality of your education, but to overthrow those who did those first.

As there is also likely, statistical (point 2), your parents are assholes and you're a little idiot in power, you will be aware that your popularity depends on the number of subjects in suspense, and meanwhile your parents will tell milongas such as "we do divide without a calculator and it's very difficult ", to which undoubtedly will give you the reason and, indignant protest, the blame will be the teacher and the following plan of education prohibit transactions with pencil and paper, because things are very difficult for children 14 years and parents are those who vote.

If you manage to finish the compulsory education vaguely remember that you have come to study 15 different times to the Catholic Monarchs, but Franco and Transition (The what?) You have not heard or speak.

"I do not" think, "do science." You can try, but knowing you'll come to some engineering Gothic kings and a few jarchas and songs of memory, but with no idea of how a simple structure or elemental compound formulated correctly.

If, however, you do letters, will serve only to realize how sad is the ignorance in the world and particularly in this country, so piénsate well if you want to be a humanist depressed and unemployed before starting.

In college you probably have the pleasure of meeting a stomach ulcer of a sympathetic teacher, bleeding every time a student spends his subject, and leave you very clear that all 500 students are useless and lazy while the coffers gives college large sums from student pockets by way of fourth, fifth tuition and calls for grace.

Also try to make you think (re-read point 9) that the rate rise is inevitable because the system does not stand and fight like that school failure is because students are lazy and useless when the batteries will have to pay for pay tuition and a half.

When you think you've been saving these pitfalls and have 5 degrees, you've gotten out of ignorance to your place of birth seemed Having A for, and even know a language with a median flow, you have to do work worthy of any contacts page find a job and attend mediocre rise useless impotent real lucky enough to sleep on a mattress and put tickets in the holster of a fat man with the wad Mercedes necessary to have a desktop where you put the shoes.

Mercedes, by the way, parked in two rows, the bastard, and will skip the pedestrian crossings without many scruples about the unwritten rule is for vehicles of a certain cylinder, through which can pass through the lining that kind of things.

In the worst case, the fat bastard will send you a fine, hopefully, will cause him to choke on a barnacle, but laugh, because the seafood will be worth triple what will tip the state.
Finally, if you're caught by the same do not think that you will pay in proportion, and if you have very bad luck and has bundled a fat enough to go to jail, in which case you are a bastard but no luck, new hall will attend will be powerless to leave the unfortunate bastard covered at the expense of other hard workers, to be diverted all public funds that may have to grab an account in the Cayman Islands in order to afford bail, counsel for Satan and the 28 houses where he lived for the rest of his days in a tiny village registered as indigent.

Source Reflexiones de una esponja

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