sábado, 1 de enero de 2011

Cubans celebrate today the anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution

Cubans celebrate today the anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution with the challenge of reaching new heights in 2011 from a strategy based on efficiency, productivity and savings.

For the inhabitants of the island, this event occurred on January 1, 1959 marked the realization of the dreams of justice for those who gave their lives for over 100 years of struggle to achieve true national independence.

Once installed in power, the revolutionary government began dismantling neo-colonial political system, law enforcement bodies were dissolved and guarantee to citizens, for the first time, the full exercise of their rights.

Public administration was sound and misappropriated assets were confiscated and, thus, eliminating such practice from the republic.

The arrival of the Revolution was the dignity of man as the center and motivation of the revolutionary leadership, which promptly took the necessary transformations.

In that sense, a measure which was a milestone was the Agrarian Reform Law, adopted on May 17, 1959, which abolished the large estates to nationalize all properties over 420 hectares, and gave the property land for tens of thousands of peasants.

Other transformations of the new government helped to put an end to racial discrimination, gender, illiteracy, and guaranteed the right of citizens to education, health and sports, among other benefits.

The year ahead will be marked by a strategy of saving, import substitution and efficiency of compliance with investment commitments.

In terms of export plans, you must increase the physical production of items that have prices in the international market and institutions should further discipline, better preparation and comprehensive analysis in all sectors about the processes investors production and export.

Saving is considered a crucial weapon to ensure the fulfillment of economic plans, in addition to providing financing for projects to continue in 2011.

Another priority will be to increase the numbers in the food production-a timely topic in the guidelines of the socio-political realignment is necessary so that the whole organization on this front, always taking into account the conservation of resources like water and fuels.

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