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Mexican movie censored in the cinemas became successful by selling pirated copies on the streets

Vendors of piracy in the capital of Mexico does not shout out their bids. No need. Everyone knows where they are because they are everywhere. And everybody knows that in the paradise of CD and DVD copies of the DF is anything that is sought. Anyone. Until the movie starting Monday there is no way to see in theaters, the controversial "Presumed Guilty."

In fact, the film denouncing the corruption of justice in Mexico has become the star of the stalls. In the heart of the City, everywhere you look, he meets one with the cover that says "In Mexico innocence is not enough to be free" and shows its star, Antonio Zúñiga, behind bars.

"Yes it has sold very well for about four days, and right now we hope to sell more because as it is no longer in theaters," says a salesman Sergio piracy, "We sell about 50 copies a day, never there was a sale and any movie, and less of a documentary, is the first time. "

They, the sellers of illegal products have been the first beneficiaries of the court decision that ordered the temporary suspension of the screening of the film in theaters to protect the privacy of one witness, the only one accused of murder and whose Zúñiga testimony helped to convict him to 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Then the lawyers of the convicted demonstrated the lack of evidence and false testimony and all the material recorded in the process have made the controversial film. Now, the witness, who is a cousin of the murder victim, has ensured that the judge accepts his lawsuit alleging that he did not give permission to be recorded and less, to get on the film.

But apparently seen, that does not suffice to make out on screen. Sergio, like the rest of the posts, it is well to view copies of the tape, along with bestselling titles in those days. "Yes it is with those who have had awards at the Oscars because they are the best sellers, but sells more Mexican," says another seller.

The phenomenon is such that all claim to have the possibility of replacing the material in a matter of hours. "Right now I have between 50 and 100 here, but if I need another 50, and bring them to me already," says Sergio while looking to all sides if the police arrive.

The camera also justified his uneasiness when talking to It is the only one who has agreed to do so. The rest is denied. And if you insist, there are three thugs in a few minutes to scare away the curious. In just seconds, extending the order to turn off the TV this morning because all projected the film 'forbidden'.

Bastan 10 pesos (just under a dollar) to take this or any of the titles on display. The seller gets seven dollars for use be waived, which means that only the sale of "Presumed Guilty" leaves everyone a clean average 420 pesos a day, nearly eight times the minimum wage in Mexico City. That multiplied by the hundreds of copies sold in the endless stalls DF is a lot of money in this business.

"To me the contents of the film does not interest me what you see in Mexico every day," says Sergio, "I do not care what the judge, what interests me is to sell."

"And the police? Because piracy against it may seem, is penadísima in Mexico. "Come, come, but we have a warning system, there are 'kids' that monitor, a surveillance system for all positions," reveals another vendor, "and tell us whether the police arrive to collect all because if you can catch condemn up to seven years in prison. " And there, the lawyers, who will find it difficult to repeat what they accomplished with Zuniga: to show that he had condemned the innocent.

Who knows if the next big sales of these posts will have to do also with Zuniga. In the coming days to drive out the themes of hip-hop and rap he wrote in jail and this is really sure, will also have a pirated version.

Source El Mundo.Es

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