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U.S. and Israel, behind the dangerous virus Stuxnet

The security expert has said that Ralph Lagner Stuxnet virus, which attacked the computer systems of Iran's nuclear program is a joint creation of the United States and Israel. After analyzing the virus, Lagner and his team ensure that its origins lie in these two countries and claimed damage Stuxnet centrifuges that can enrich uranium.

Stuxnet virus spread through the computers of different countries in July 2010. Iran was the country where most attacks of this virus were reported with 60 percent of the total cases.

The country's authorities reported that the purpose of computer attack was to delay its nuclear program. After several teams have analyzed the virus, security expert Ralph Lagner directly accused Israel and the United States as the show's creators.

The prosecution has been reailzada in California, USA, during a conference on information security. Lagner said that "in his view, the Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency is involved."

The expert explained that Stuxnet to control industrial equipment and centrifuges that Iran's nuclear program have been the main objectives of the authors of the virus.

'Inside information'

After pointing to Israel, Lagner Ralph explained that this is not the only country involved and confirmed that "there is only one main source, the United States."

According Lagner, was quoted by the BBC to make the virus was necessary "inside information" that would have been provided by the departments of U.S. computer security.

Ralph accusations Lagner support the hypothesis that the attack was a deliberate move to stop Iran's nuclear development.
Both the U.S. and Israel have called for the country's nuclear project stops. Given Iran's refusal to halt its plans, Stuxnet seems to have been one of the ways the United States to slow the process.

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