martes, 12 de julio de 2011

A baby born giant (the largest in the world) in Texas.

A Texas woman was expecting a big baby, but nothing like that had a weight of 7.54 kilos (16 pounds and one ounce).

Janet Johnson spent Monday in an East Texas hospital after giving birth to what doctors described as one of the biggest babies ever seen. The mother wants to know if his son, JaMichael Brown, is one of the largest newborn complexion in state history.
"Everyone was amazed that he was so big," said Johnson, 39. "I do not think many people have known of the birth of a baby of 16 pounds (7.54 kilos)."

JaMichael was born Friday at Good Shepherd Medical Center in the city of Longview. Johnson suffers from gestational diabetes, which usually causes large babies. Doctors had estimated would weigh about 5.4 kilos JaMichael (12 pounds) when born by cesarean section.

The hospital has asked the civil registry in Texas to find out if JaMichael approaches one of the records of Texas, said hospital spokeswoman, Victoria Ashworth.

Of course it is the biggest baby in the history of the hospital in Longview, she said, noting that his birth occurred almost two years after the birth of the smallest in the hospital, weighing 15 ounces

The Guinness Book of Records indicate that the baby was born heavier with 19.77 kilos (23 pounds, 12 ounces).

Ashworth noted that JaMichael, whose father has a height of two meters, could be transferred within hours of neonatal intensive care ward and regular child care area.

Johnson waits to receive her son during the week and return the baby clothes that are not tailored

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