martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Why Google + is not "more of the same."

My analysis is not an in-depth analysis on every aspect of Google +, this initial analysis on a basic tour and is part of an idea I've always had about the usability of products and services.

This analysis is based on the following idea: when I need a manual to operate a gadget or program or browse for a service, I am totally convinced that it was developed with the user.

In the case of Google +, with all its flaws and despite having used only a few days, I have not the slightest doubt was thought given to the user.

In Google + simplicity of use is a feature that stands out at first. Soon you know where you stand, know what to do without having to ask.

Sure, there are certain things that if or whether we learn from others or read the tricks that offers the service through the help or any comments from Google employees, perhaps 99% of users could not decipher whether alone like someone to write directly to the @ or the + sign. These are tricks that if people Google + does not explain is difficult to realize. But that is another matter, they are minor tricks.

I give you a clear example, compared to Facebook is something that can not be denied, the learning curve network is much less steep Zuckerberg than Google +. Make no mistake here! A steep learning curve means you learn more in less time

In Facebook simplifying things is something that apparently was not priority, and if it was, they were wrong. The way to perform certain defined tasks in Facebook is much more difficult and someone without much experience is easily lost.

Of course we have worked hard in recent times and Facebook has tried to be simplified. They have tried to improve navigation for the user is not lost and arrive quickly at your destination, but still does not approach anything like the ease of use for the Google +.

In Google + everything is much more defined and everything is handled through 4 sections: Stream, Photos, Profile and Circles. Those who can access easily from any part of Google + we find ourselves. Then we have some important tools we can also easily access such as chat, video calls and Sparks.

My point here is that Google + try to incorporate the best of the most popular networks, adapting to what most users need. It is more of the same, includes many features of the other, but enhanced for ease of use by the user.

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