jueves, 22 de diciembre de 2011

A woman lost control of her car and ended in the pool

A woman of 66 years had to be rescued this morning inside a swimming pool after falling to the vehicle she was driving after losing control and colliding with a wall of a residential dwelling of Bahia Blanca, Argentina police said.

The last incident occurred at 10.30 when the woman, Noemi Sanchez, 66, was traveling aboard a Mercedes Benz car on the 700 Reconquista Palihue neighborhood, a residential area located about 12 blocks from downtown.

The sources said the agency Telam that "for reasons that are investigating the woman lost control of the car, so after breaking the wall of a house fell into a swimming pool located on the site."

Due to the fact "the woman trapped inside the vehicle imported into the interior of the pool so it was rescued by the locals," they added.

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