domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Europe returns to protest, after a year of 15-M

A year after its inception, members of 15-M movement marched again in the Spanish streets. The 'angry' called for a worldwide protest on Saturday to commemorate its first anniversary. In response, Europe concentrated hundreds of thousands in various cities.

With widespread protests throughout Spain the indignant movement, created on May 15 in Madrid, celebrates its first anniversary. The epicenter of the protests Iberian is in Madrid and Barcelona. For now at Madrid's Puerta del Sol, the activists come to the reading of manifestos, project videos, connect with other places, and held a picnic, and at midnight has held a minute of silence, after which white handkerchiefs shaken for end economic violence and wars.

If the streets in Madrid came mostly retirees and students dissatisfied with the cut in benefits, welfare payments and plans to reduce funding for education in London protested to the police. About 20,000 law enforcement officers across the country have flocked to the capital. Government measures of tough changes, layoffs, wage cuts and increased retirement age also hope the police. Security officials are convinced that this will greatly affect public safety.

In the streets of Berlin also left 1,500 people to protest against social injustice, the system of budgetary economy, the current economic system and the anti-crisis measures. According to local police, protesters gathered in several areas of the city, marched in five columns for pre-arranged routes towards Alexanderplatz in central Berlin.

In Berlin, where leftist ideas are traditionally strong among young people, also came to express solidarity with the indignant European anarchists, anti-globalization, anti-fascist movement members and 'green'. The outraged Germans had intended to set up a camp near the town hall, but failed to receive a permit from the authorities.

Other European countries have not been left out of public protests, in Greece, whose people suffer drastic austerity measures, was held a rally at Syntagma Square in Athens mobilization 'Spring Global' forum organized by the Athens Agora.

In Portugal aircraft operators stopped working and in Italy organized a strike of public transport drivers. In addition, on May 12 was the second straight day of riots in Italy. Public outrage based on the worsening financial crisis, analysts say, may increase with the news from Greece, which today has formed government, leaving the question open as to who liable for the obligations of the Greek debt to the countries within the EU.

More than 700 people, according to local police, were observed on 12 May in Brussels in the framework of the global call 'Global Spring', which commemorates the first anniversary of the birth of the movement of the 'angry' in Spain. The march was organized by the Brussels 15-M movement. "Most people who have come today are Spanish of this movement, as well as outraged Belgians and other social movements," said Gonzalo Amandi, one of the protesters.

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