jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2015

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2015 winner and International Macro winner: Nuno Sá (Portugal) with ‘50 Tons Of Me’ taken in the Algarve Nuno Sá: ‘The natural reserve of Ria Formosa is home to the world’s largest population of the two species of seahorses found in the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

However, the local university together with Project Seahorse has registered an 85% decline in populations between 2001 and 2009. Each year 50 tonnes of seahorses are caught for aquariums and traditional oriental medicines and captive breeding would really take the pressure off wild populations.’

Photograph: Nuno Sá /UPY 2015

British Underwater Photographer of the Year and British Waters Wide Angle winner: Matt Doggett with ‘Gannets Feast’, Shetland Islands, UK
Photograph: Matt Doggett/UPY 2015

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