martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

Why Trees Are Even More Awesome Than You Think

I think that you don´t realise how cool the trees are. I honestly didn´t know all this details. So, when I read this article from True Activist I instantaneity wanted to share this with our readers.

In this fascinating video, UBC Professor Suzanne Simard explains how trees are much more complex than most of us ever imagined. Although Charles Darwin assumed trees are simply individual organisms competing for survival of the fittest, Simard demonstrates just how wrong he was. In fact, the opposite is true: trees survive through mutual co-operation and support, passing around essential nutrients “depending on who needs it” 
Nitrogen and carbon are shared through miles of underground fungi networks, ensuring that all trees in the forest eco-system give and receive just the right amount to keep them all healthy. This invisible web works in a very similar way to the networks of neurons in our brains, and when one tree is destroyed it has consequences for all.

Originally Published in True Activist 

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