martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

Argentina rejects accusations from The SUN

Ambassador in London referred to the version launched by the British newspaper The Sun, saying that they "sells junk" serving the British "military lobby".

According to the ambassador in London, Alicia Castro, launched by The Sun is a lie of "tabloid""patently anti-Argentine and therefore against latin america" that seeks to benefit the "British military lobby making UK to keep spending money."

With the cover referred to the sinking of the Cruise Gral. Belgrano, Castro said that The SUN seek "to make the british citizens believe that Argentina is a danger to the UK or to the inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands".

The ambassador said that it is "a gross and dirty propaganda" that serves the British government as an "excuse used by the military lobby to keep spending money" in the rearmament of the Malvinas occupied.

However, Castro said that "no question of a growing part of English society he sees as useless as no cuts" in social benefits for the people, "while an excessive spending is done to avoid an invasion that never happen

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